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Now I Know is operated by Dan Lewis, who can be contacted via email here.

Now I Know respects the private nature of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy describes how it uses your information.


Now I Know does not and will not rent, share, or sell our subscriber list except as required by law.

And it’s really easy to unsubscribe — just click the link in the bottom of the email.


Now I Know runs ads and uses cookies and links to other sites. Cookies are small text files placed in your computer’s web browser which help websites like Now I Know retrieve information which allows us to better tailor your experience, but if it uses them, it’s simply to obtain information related to Now I Know or Dan Lewis’ stuff generally — and not to get information unrelated to those. And yes, our advertisers may use cookies as well, and both they and us may measure how often links we share with you are clicked on. You can opt out of some of this stuff by going to


About those links, though: they’re from other sites, and while we hope you find the experience on those sites appropriate, we can’t be responsible for the stuff on those sites (and do not endorse that content, either). You know, because it’s someone else’s site.


To send the emails, Dan uses Mailchimp. They’re awesome. They also track things like whether you open the email or click links. You can read their privacy policy here.


If this Policy changes in the future — and it may at any time (although it took so long to write this) — Dan or someone else later working on Now I Know will let you know.

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