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There are only 30 mug shots above, but Henry Earl has logged over 1,000 of them – closer to 1,350, in fact (through 2008!).   In July of 1970, the then-20 year old Lexington, Kentucky resident was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, and in the 40 years since, has been setting records.  Mostly harmless, the vast, vast majority of his busts have been for public intoxication.   He only spends a few nights in the clink per arrest, and he’s out of prison for two or three days between arrests.  In total, he’s spent over 5,000 nights incarcerated — totaling over 13 of his last 40 years.  Earl is a bit of a celebrity: There’s a website dedicated to his alcohol-related arrests (1,030 at last count), a “fan” made this creepy animated image which shuffles through some of his many mug shots, and a video photo montage of the same.

Bonus fact: Public intoxication is obviously unlawful in Kentucky, which isn’t all that surprising.  It is also unlawful to possess dyed baby chicks, which, well, is.

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