Another Now I Know Book is On the Way!

Hi! No, this isn’t the normal Now I Know email. That’ll come tomorrow morning like every other day. I’m making another stop into your inbox today to give you some great news: I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve written another Now I Know book — my first-ever hardcover!

“The Soviets Invaded Wisconsin?!” is another collection of 100 stories (and bonus facts) that you’ve come to know and, hopefully, love. Published by Simon and Schuster imprint Adams Media, the book has half all-new content which I’ve never shared before, and it comes in this ink-and-paper container which looks really good on a bookshelf and makes for a great gift. 

You can pre-order it starting today at the links below. Pre-orders make all the difference in the world — apparently, bookstores and online retailers rely a lot on pre-order data to decide whether to stock and promote a book. So if you’re interested in more Now I Know, or want to share it with a friend or loved one, please consider placing an order today. 

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Thank you for all your help in getting Now I Know to this point and, hopefully, beyond.