The Little Fields of Dreams

There’s a scaled-down version of Fenway Park in Vermont, quite literally built in someone’s back yard. It’s called Little Fenway. It’s a quarter-scale replica of the home of the Boston Red Sox, replete with a mini-Green Monster looming in left field a Citgo sign peeking in behind it.

The ballpark was built specifically for Wiffle Ball games, making it doubly cool. And most impressively, the family that built it rents it out for charity games. Little Fenway has raised over $800,000 for various charities in the eight years it’s been around, including over $230,000 last year alone.

And yes, you can book Little Fenway for your own use. It’ll cost you $500, and you can get more information here.  Not a Red Sox fan? No problem — they also have a Little Wrigley, brick back fence and all. No ivy, though.

Bonus Item: Wiffle Balls are made in Shelton, Connecticut — and you used to be able to go on tours of the plant.   But their web site makes no mention of it; a quick call to the company confirms that tours were discontinued a few years ago, citing dissent from their insurance company.  Oh well.

Related: “Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox” by Harvey Frommer. Five stars on seven reviews.

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